NexeArt Capital

NexeArt Capital is a leading specialist company in Artistic Development Capital & Art Asset Management that advises and supports you on the private management of your art assets and co-creates your art investment choices and solutions. We advise new or experienced collectors as well as private and institutional investors, who benefit from our experience and expertise in the contemporary art market and its networks. Our offer is made up of recognised experts certified by the C.E.C.O.A. (Chambre Européenne des Experts Conseil en Œuvre d’Art) in contemporary art and street art who act completely independently of the traditional art market structures. the quality of our advice and our selection of works of art are based on a deep knowledge of the works and their markets, of the needs of I.R.T., of private equity expertise, of our network in the art market and of asset management.

The Clients

NexeArt Capital maintains a close relationship with its clients, new or experienced collectors and investors, and their financial, legal and estate advisors. We meet our clients’ objectives with the tmost diligence, transparency and confidentiality.

To know and make known the signatures of contemporary artists on which to invest :
“This is our expertise.”

Our references : 

Private collections in France and internationally, notably in London, Geneva and New York.

The Investors

The NexeArt Capital team advises all types of investors (new or experienced)  who wish to diversify their wealth and allocate part of their assets to the art market. Our teams are all specialists and experts in art investment, private equity, asset allocation, wealth management and finance. Our skills are organised around our network, our quality of sourcing, valuation and disposal of works of art combined with an acute expertise in private equity, rate of return on investment and art market taxation. our knowledge and ability to source offers a discount from the time of purchase, which allows us to make a profit from the initial investment, and this profit improves with the length of time the property is held.


NexeArt Capital assists all companies in acquiring or renting works of art for their premises or for their events.
We study your objectives with you and propose financing solutions adapted to your needs.
Companies benefiting from tax incentives can carry out sponsorship, leasing or financial rental operations.

Wealth Managers / Wealth Advisors / Family Office

NexeArt Capital helps you diversify your clients’ assets. Works of art are tangible assets that evolve on an international market and benefit from attractive taxation in most countries.
We consider them to be an asset in their own right and a relevant investment.


NexeArt Capital offers an end-to-end service to its clients, which it delivers with the utmost respect for independence, transparency and confidentiality.

  • Search for ultra-rare works of art accessible on a hidden market
  • Support and advice on acquisitions and disposals
  • Inventory and expertise of collections
  • Tax and financial optimisation
  • Transport, storage, restoration, framing, insurance

All these services are clearly invoiced according to your needs through a mission letter drawn up at each request.