Dedicated offer

Corporate Offers

Via annual subscription of 1000€ per year or 83,33€ per month:

  • Premium access to works not published on the site
  • Two free expert appraisals (cost of an expert appraisal alone 500€)
  • A dedicated hotline
  • A personalised monthly newsletter with the artists to follow
  • Personalized reporting on the investments made
  • Temporary exhibition in your premises at the request of artists (estimate on request)
  • Conference on contemporary art with a round table of experts and artists (quote on request)
  • Live meetings with artists either in your studio or on your premises
  • Intervention of live artists in your premises to create frescoes or performances
  • Team building around art for your teams with artists and experts (workshop, games) (quote on request)
  • Live workshop with artists and employees according to the chosen themes (urban art & others)
  • Goodies on request
  • Temporary hanging or rental of works of art in your premises (estimate on request)
  • Assistance with the tax aspects of purchasing works of art and the preparation of l.p.o. files (services provided by tax advisors and accountants for the preparation of files, invoicing not included)

VIP Offers for Individuals

Via annual subscription of 800€ per year or 66,66€ per month:

  • Premium access to certain works
  • Live meetings with artists either in the studio or at your home
  • A dedicated hotline with our experts to discuss your works and future acquisitions
  • Real-time updates of artist ratings and updated values of your acquisitions when warranted
  • Tracking of sales and major events that may be of interest to you
  • Targeted newsletter for you and your clients
  • Live workshop once a year with artists selected for you and your clients in a location to be decided
  • 1 free appraisal per year (cost of the appraisal alone 500€)