The Team

A Team of experts

NexeArt Capital’s team includes

  • A sales and marketing director experienced in private equity and asset allocation recognised by his peers @ nolan-frederick darmon, author of an award-winning thesis on contemporary art and its sector at hec paris, in 2016, C.E.C.O.A. expert in contemporary art and urban art and endowed with more than twenty years of successful professional experience.
  • Experts of the european C.E.C.O.A chamber on the different trends and markets, experts with prestigious auction houses.
  • A digital service company dedicated to the development and updating of the technological and back office developments of the artoutprix website
  • A network of national and international art galleries (contemporary art, urban art, 80’s graffiti, modern art, photography …)
  • A network of collectors identified as buyers and sellers in france and abroad
  • An expert in taxation and auditing cabinet expertise
  • A generalist information website with 6000 articles in french and english

This synergy of experts offers our clients a unique combination of artistic and patrimonial objectives.

This association of experts will provide you with the certainty of building a portfolio of works of art combining expertise, confirmed tastes and the potential for significant capital gains according to your objectives and the length of time you hold the works, and will meet your desire to allocate assets in tangible investments

Our Team

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Nolan-Frederick Darmon

Nolan-Frederick Darmon, a C.E.C.O.A. certified expert in contemporary and urban art, graduated from HEC Paris and received an MBA from Babson College USA. He founded NexeArt Capital in 2020, after a successful career in finance and private equity in real estate and infrastructure, where he was able to develop a network of financial partners and IFAS, eager to offer their clients tangible assets with attractive rate of return other than those offered by NexeArt Capital. He has also worked in technological innovation consulting (see cv equipe) for fifteen years in management positions.
His understanding of the expectations of partners and individuals, in sourcing and searching for return on investment, has led him to transpose the expectations of investors in real estate or financial products to the world of art. Art should be seen as a financial asset in the same way as real estate, forex, and the stock/bond market.

Clémence Royer

Clémence Royer, in charge of Communication and Marketing at NexeArt Capital, specializes in Communication and Marketing at ISG Business School. After several experiences in the marketing and communication sector, Clémence, who is passionate about Contemporary and Urban Art, is putting all her skills into practice within NexeArt Capital and the art market.

Rony Avilon

Rony Avilon (xare), NexeArt Capital’s external Consultant and Expert, brings to the table all the experience he gained at the artcurial auction house, his expert knowledge of art sourcing, his connections in the art world, including numerous collectors around the world, and his expertise in solutions related to works of art (transport, storage). With our team, Rony Avilon, a well-known artist such as XARE, who is present in numerous collections, will offer his talents as an artist and those of his peers and will participate in the development of business offers. at our side, Rony is in charge of business and artistic development.

Carole Maarek

Carole Maarek, Business Manager at NexeArt Capital, is a graduate of the Sorbonne and the Louvre School, specializing in sales promotion. After successful experiences in the corporate consulting sector, she now specializes in art investment and financing solutions for companies, business leaders and professionals to enhance and develop artistic creativity within companies.

Caroline Lecoeur

Caroline Lecoeur, Business & Operations Manager at NexeArt Capital is a graduate in law and specialized in Financial Wealth Management. After successful experiences in an auction house in Paris, she now specializes in the management of artistic heritage and puts her skills and know-how into practice within the company NexeArt Capital.

Hélène Castro

Hélène Castro, Graphic Designer at NexeArt Capital is specialized in Graphic Design. After several experiences in the graphics sector. Hélène, passionate about mangas and drawings, applies all her know-how within the company NexeArt Capital.